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The Politica is a global affairs organization with a two-pronged focus in publishing interdisciplinary research articles and podcast episodes. We seek to fulfill the vacancy on campus by serving as a platform for undergraduate students of all majors to engage in intellectually rigorous conversations pertaining to comparative politics.

A Message from Our Co-Founders

Bounded by the shared vision to advance the intellectual pursuits on campus through academic conversations surrounding comparative politics, The Politica has become a home to political discussions at Boston University. 

We kickstarted our "unofficial" semester by hosting the MA-04 Congressional Series, in which we hosted six Congressional candidate interviews and a town hall event. The Series gained much attention from students and citizens within the Fourth District of Massachusetts. We began production for our first batch of articles, set for publication for the start of the semester. 


And now, it is your turn to start the conversation. Participate in our weekly roundtable discussions. Write research papers or op-eds. Speak on a podcast episode. By becoming a general member, you will join a tight-knit community of scholars united with the passion for politics. We cannot wait to hear from you.


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