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Anna is a junior majoring in International Relations and History and a minor in Political Science. They grew up in New York. Anna became interested in history, social advocacy, and politics while competing in Policy Debate during high school. As co-president of the Politica, she hopes to elevate the voices of students regarding their ideas and opinions on the state of the world through our varying mediums of news writing, podcasting, and round table discussions.

Anna Epstein


Ricky Nieto

Ricky is a senior majoring in economics and political science. He enjoys analyzing economic and political philosophies and their impacts throughout history. It is this interest that has caused him to choose the path of law school after he receives his undergraduate degree. Ricky also enjoys the friendly exchange of ideas and loves hearing other people’s point of view. He believes that the exchange of different ideas is what allows human beings to advance as a species, and that The Politica is the perfect platform for this exchange on BU’s campus. He can’t wait to contribute to The Politica’s goal of engaging students in intellectually rigorous conversations.

Subin headshot_edited.png

Subin Moon

Born and raised in Seoul and having lived in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Toronto, there is no doubt that Subin had a very unique and international upbringing! Her journey took her to Boston University, where she is currently pursuing a double major in international relations and economics. Subin is eager to work with the members of the Politica. She hopes to engage in various intellectual and thought-provoking conversations to her heart's content and support her fellow peers execute their brilliant ideas and thoughts in their published works to the best of their abilities.

Sydney Householder

Sydney is a junior pursuing a degree in International Relations and dual-minor in Italian and History. A Rhode Island native, Sydney is most passionate about migration and international law, planning to apply for a law degree after graduation. She is dedicated to strengthening collaboration and engagement within the Politica and looks forward to encouraging the ideas of each of the organization’s members. Above all, she is inspired by the fresh perspectives and animated conversations at PBU.

Shandra Back

Shandra is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon. She is a Journalism major and is minoring in Political Science with a concentration in Latin America. Her free time is spent traveling through Latin America and beyond. As a solo traveler and backpacker, Shandra has a passion for growing her global perspective on a local level through cultural immersion. She is an avid podcaster for travel motivation and is excited to be facilitating spaces for student voices here at the Politica. 


Zoe tania 

Zoe is a Business major in the class of 2023. She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia where she attended an international school, exposing her to a multitude of perspectives and ideas, sparking her intellectual curiosity. She has always found politics and ideologies engaging because she believes that one can never know enough about what is going on around them, thus, she was eager to join PBU because she wants to learn more about the world around her through conversation and writing. 


Zach Tsun 


Jason is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Economics. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Jason found his passion for writing, history, and diplomacy while taking social science courses at his high school. As an avid learner, Jason is looking forward to pursuing intellectual discoveries while at The Politica.

Jason Miraka

Eddie Koranyi

Eddie is a sophomore from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil concentrating in Strategy and Global Business in Questrom. In high school, he passionately participated in Model United Nations — attending about thirty conferences around the world. This passion stemmed from loving conversations and engaging with respectful differences of opinion, be they around the dinner table or in the halls of the Supreme Court. At PBU, he hopes to facilitate dialogue that bridges divergent opinions and allows for pragmatic and inclusive conclusions in an era of divisiveness and excessive partisanship.



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Rishi Lekkala

Rishi is a Business Major and Computer Science minor in the class of 2023. She is from Dallas, TX and is a classical flutist. Through her experience growing up in the conservative South where views may be one-dimensional, she has developed a deep interest in politics and the conversations we can have between those with drastically different views. She hopes to engage and facilitate discussions that are of utmost importance in our current political landscape.

Ruhika Ponda

Ruhika is a sophomore majoring in English with a minor in Core. Her bustling hometown New York City shaped her interest in politics and journalism as she grew up surrounded by political advocacy. She is particularly interested in the fair and equal administration of justice and she plans to attend law school after graduation. As an editor for The Politica, Ruhika is excited to read pieces that challenge her perspectives and make her a more informed citizen. In turn, she looks forward to contributing her own ideas to facilitate open discourse and learn more about the evolving world of politics.


B.Ankit Patro

My name is B.Ankit Patro and I am sophomore studying economics and international relations. Hailing from Bhubaneswar, India, I love analysing policies which can impact our lives. I have seen how right policies can propel a country's growth within a short period of time. As with other Asian economies, India grew from an economy of just 600 billion dollars to more 2 trillion in less than 20 years. The economic rise of India also shaped the society and the believes of its 1.4 billion citizens. The economic growth also created a dynamic youth with varied political opinions. This formed the basis for joining the Politica. I love hearing different opinions and I may not agree with them but seeing different things from different lenses really helps to deconstruct the world. So this is what I am looking forward to next semester.

Dan Torrez


Sam is a sophomore studying Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in International Relations. Being raised in a small town with few politically engaged individuals has made He believes strongly in the potential for self improvement that comes from engaging with different perspectives and cultures and is passionate about creating and participating in environments where the sharing of personal experiences challenges assumptions and fosters connections. Dialogue of this nature not only makes people better, it is also crucial for the healthy functioning of democracy. Sam believes being a part of respectful productive discourse is the purpose of college and provides lessons that are applicable in both personal and political life.

Sam Gildea

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