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Ricky Nieto

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Subin Moon


Ameya Kharnapurkar

Laila is currently a double physics and business major at BU. She is passionate about intellectual stimulation and engagement through dialogue, writing, and debate. Her favorite subjects typically center around politics, physics, philosophy, and economics. She grew up playing national level soccer and that competitive mindset and work ethic to do better and be better, on and off the field, spilled into her views of academia. Her motto is work hard play hard and she looks forward to giving her all into this organization.

Rachel is a junior from central New Jersey, double-majoring in political science & English. She joined this team because she wanted to help create a space where the intersections of various politics-adjacent academic fields can be explored at deeper levels. Writing has always been her cardinal interest; much of her free time over the last several years has been dedicated to working on short stories, novel drafts, and poetry submissions. She hopes to use her passion for language to fulfill her personal goal of crafting a meaningful political voice, and to further our organization's collective goal of enriching the political and academic environments on campus.

Ricky is a junior majoring in economics and political science. He enjoys analyzing economic and political philosophies and their impacts throughout history. It is this interest that has caused him to choose the path of law school after he receives his undergraduate degree. Ricky also enjoys the friendly exchange of ideas and loves hearing other people’s point of view. He believes that the exchange of different ideas is what allows human beings to advance as a species, and that The Politica is the perfect platform for this exchange on BU’s campus. He can’t wait to contribute to The Politica’s goal of engaging students in intellectually rigorous conversations.

Born and raised in Seoul and having lived in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Toronto, there is no doubt that Subin had a very unique and international upbringing! Her journey took her to Boston University, where she is currently pursuing a double major in international relations and economics. Subin is eager to work with the members of the Politica. She hopes to engage in various intellectual and thought-provoking conversations to her heart's content and support her fellow peers execute their brilliant ideas and thoughts in their published works to the best of their abilities.

Ameya is a sophomore from North Texas majoring in history and political science. He is passionate about studying American History, particularly gilded era politics and 20th century foreign policy. Additionally, he loves exploring how the American Identity has evolved through film, books, and music. At PBU, he hopes to engage in intellectual discussions about politics and international relations that dig deeper than the headlines while encouraging himself and his peers to express their ideas.


Ferren Winarto



Manav Shah


Ferren is a senior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in foreign policy and security studies. She is originally from Indonesia before she moved to the UK to continue her studies. Her passion for international affairs stemmed from avid political participation at a young age, which eventually solidified after taking A level Politics and Economics. Upon graduation, she hopes to continue to law school to study international law. The Politica has not only become a place for her to publish her independent research pieces, but it also has unlocked many doors for further engagement in the political sphere.

Manav is a senior majoring in Business and Political Science. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and has been exposed to a lot of eastern economic and political ideologies from a young age. Moving to the United States at the age of 18, he could point out some stark differences in the ideologies he was brought up with. Hence, he decided to take up political science to gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between different styles of governance, a cost benefit analysis of the effect of policies in different countries and much more. He is interested in being part of some thought provoking conversations with people from around the world.


Kate Gagliardi

Kate is a junior majoring in General Studies in CGS and Business Marketing in Questrom, while also minoring in Advertising in COM. Kate has always had a passion for politics and economics, and can't wait to share that passion through her work with The Politica. She grew up in a small town on the Jersey Shore, which she insists is nothing like the show. She can't wait to continue learning and living in Boston, where she is in the Advertising club, and is the Head of Social Media Marketing for BU Belly Dance.


Kalliope Glavas

Kalliope is double majoring in Classical Civilization and Philosophy at Boston University. As a Greek-American, she enjoys analyzing and comparing both American and European ideologies. She is excited to start a conversation about world citizenship and contrasting values on the podcast!


Anna Epstein

Anna is a sophomore from NY double majoring in International Relations and Political Science with a minor in history. She became interested in politics and activism at a young age, volunteering at nonprofits and for election campaigns. Her passion for education through learning from others perspectives was strengthened through competing in policy debate on the local, state, and national circuits in high school which will be continued in her position on round tables.

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Christina Chen

Christina is majoring in business and minoring in computer science. She is from Ohio but went to boarding school in New Jersey; she also enjoys riding thoroughbreds and owns a blue-nosed pitbull. She has always been interested in "sustained dialogue" and feels that it is our responsibility as the rising generation to build a better, more inclusive, and educated world. She believes conversation and exposure is the first step to necessary changes in policy and therefore is committed to pursuing and distributing content that sparks real, much-needed conversation within our community about the issues facing our current society.




Zoe Tania

Zoe is a Business major in the class of 2023. She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia where she attended an international school, exposing her to a multitude of perspectives and ideas, sparking her intellectual curiosity. She has always found politics and ideologies engaging because she believes that one can never know enough about what is going on around them, thus, she was eager to join PBU because she wants to learn more about the world around her through conversation and writing. 



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Rishi Lekkala

Alejandra is a junior double majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a concentration in international systems and world order in Latin America. She is originally from Mexico City, but now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her global perspective has fueled her passion for advocacy on global issues and social justice, especially those surrounding immigration. She hopes to utilize her background and the knowledge she’s acquired at Boston University to bring a new and exciting perspective to The Politica.

Rishi is a Business Major and Computer Science minor in the class of 2023. She is from Dallas, TX and is a classical flutist. Through her experience growing up in the conservative South where views may be one-dimensional, she has developed a deep interest in politics and the conversations we can have between those with drastically different views. She hopes to engage and facilitate discussions that are of utmost importance in our current political landscape.

Podcast Directors


Rudy Meyer


Lauren Kim

Lauren is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and International Relations. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lauren found her passion in politics, international affairs, and business while writing for her high school newspaper and listening to her favorite podcasts. Lauren is excited to take part in important conversations about current events, and she is looking forward to what the future holds for The Politica!


Fernando Ramirez

Fernando is an undergraduate student working towards a degree in International Relations with a minor in Business. Born and raised in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, he is always sure to bring energy and enthusiasm into his work environment. Moreover, experiencing the effects of living in a colonial territory spurred in him a passion for politics and advocacy that fomented his decision on pursuing a degree in International Relations, particularly focusing on Foreign Policy in Latin America. He believes that accessible education is the only way to truly change the world into a better and more inclusive one, and so is committed to doing this through The Politica.


Zachary Tsun

Publication Directors

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Matthew Dattolo

Matthew is a junior studying Astrophysics. He cultivated his interest in astrophysics during a science program in high school, where he worked on a team to design an experiment that was tested aboard the International Space Station by NASA astronauts. He takes a great interest in academic debate, writing, media, and philosophy. Matthew is concerned with the relationship between politics and science, and how science is often weaponized or misinterpreted for political reasons at the expense of human progress. He desires to challenge misinformation surrounding science in the media with his research-based and analytical interpretations of politics.

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Angel Estrada

Angel is from Western Massachusetts and is currently a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences double-majoring in International Relations and Sociology. She is also a CAS Academic Ambassador on campus. Angel has always been passionate about social and global issues, as well as the desire for justice and advocacy for marginalized groups. Growing up in a very small town with homogenous political views, she quickly realized the importance of having difficult yet necessary political discourse to educate and to incite change. She is very excited to see The Politica stimulate this conversation among the BU community and beyond.


Julia Allard

Julia is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy Analysis. She is originally from a small town in northern Florida where she held political beliefs that did not align with the dominant ideology there. This allowed her to learn the value of contrasting opinions and understand the necessity for insightful discussion to encourage progress. Her interest in politics has inspired her pursuits and participation in projects regarding public service and civic engagement, the Politica being one of these. She is excited to join the Politica members in their efforts to spark conversation about pressing issues and to foster an educational environment.


Jason is a junior double majoring in International Relations and Economics. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Jason found his passion for writing, history, and diplomacy while taking social science courses at his high school. As an avid learner, Jason is looking forward to pursuing intellectual discoveries while at The Politica.

Jason Miraka


Guhan Venkatesan

Pursuing a degree in Human Physiology with a minor in Anthropology, Guhan had an unconventional road to the Politica. Jersey-born and bred, his family originally hails from the city of Chennai, India -- a heritage that sparked his interest in global affairs. Guhan attended a vocational high school focusing on the health sciences, but he continued to follow his passion for global affairs, founding his district’s Model UN delegation and attending the prestigious YMCA Conference on National Affairs in 2018. He began writing for the Politica in 2020, while also volunteering as an EMT during the COVID-19 pandemic -- an experience which profoundly affected not only his views as a frontline healthcare worker, but his interest in community health and public policy as well . As a Content Director at the Politica, Guhan looks forward to developing and promoting content that studies how the dynamics of politics, international affairs, and policymaking interact with the healthcare field, and the humans that are at the center of it all.